Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020

4 Ad Networks for Small Publishers for Fast Approval

If you’re searching for any Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020 but not getting any result which ad network is best. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money through online by selling products, creating a website, earn money from Google Adsense but as the web is known this day it is very difficult to get AdSense approval because there are much competition and daily millions of users creating a website and want Adsense approval but unfortunately, they lose their hope if they get AdSense disapproved.

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020

So don’t worry there are many more ad networks who give you a good amount of income and also they provide quick approval so here is the list of quick approval Google Adsense alternatives for your website/blog in 2020

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best way to make money using your blog traffic. But in case your Adsense application doesn’t get approved or Adsense account got banned, these Google Adsense alternatives will surely save your life.

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Types of Ads Format

Banner: These are the typical image ads you see on many sites. They can be just the image or an image with a text line above or below it. Sizes range from button size to half page and come in all orientations.

Display: Display ads contain images, headlines, body text, and other elements used to get a viewer’s attention. Sizes range from the eighth page to full-page ads.

Text Ads: These ads are text-based and are usually found in groups. They are targeted to match the site’s content or the search phrase that was used on a search engine to bring them to your site’s page.

OnClick Ads (Popunder): Onclick ads provide massive reach at the lowest cost along with access to our exclusive inventory of publishers. Get guaranteed visits and generate fast conversions.

IN-PAGE PUSH: This new native ad format looks like classic push notifications, but lets your ads appear alongside relevant organic website content, right where users can easily find them.

NATIVE INTERSTITIALS: Interstitial ads are the ultimate way to immediately capture attention. Take advantage of the vast creative space, direct contact with a user on both desktop and mobile, and an impressive CTR.

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020 List

List of AdSense Alternatives With Instant Approval


Propeller Ads Is one of the most popular and trusted ad networks in all over the world after google Adsense propeller ads can be a good option for beginners who are working on blogger platform or WordPress you can get instant approval without having any traffic on your site Propeller Ads Reaches 1 Billion users with top-performing ad formats

As compared to Google Adsense propeller ads have a very low CPM Rate but if your website has very little traffic then also you can earn a good amount of income. one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020
Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog
Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2020

For Example:

PropellerAds offers one of the lowest prices both per visitor (click) and per thousand impressions on the market. Its minimum CPC is only $0.005, and the minimum CPM is $0.01. Suppose that you buy the traffic for this price. In this case, how many visitors can you get for $10?

How to calculate the cost per visitor

When you’re using the CPM model, your revenue depends on both the bid and CTR.

Amount of Visitors = (Total Cost / CPM Bid x 1000) x CTR

Cost Per Visitor for CPM model = Total Cost / Amount of Visitors

$10 / $0.01 x 1000 x 2% = 20000

$10 / 20000 = $0.0005

The cost of one visitor is $0.0005

It’s just an example, but keep in mind that 2% CTR is a very possible result for Push Notifications campaigns. Sometimes the benefit of CPM can be even greater! The higher the CTR, the less you pay for traffic.

Type Of Ads Shown On Your Site

Push Notifications
OnClick Ads (Popunder)


Adsterra Would be the second option for me propeller ads and adsterra ad network both are the CPM based network adsterra also gives you good CPC and CPM rate. It is the best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog.

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020
Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog
Adsterra Ads CPM Rates 2020

If you get 10,000 visitors per day and a total of 20,000 page views, and you are getting CPM rates of $2 then your earning can be – 20000/1000 = 20 CPM x $2 = $40 per day.

$40 a day i.e at an average $1200 a month from one single source like Adsterra is NOT a bad income at all. You just need to make sure that you have a high traffic website or Facebook page to earn more income every month.

You can get instant approval whether your website is new or old so this is the plus point for you there is no need to get approval

What Are The Best Google Adsense Alternatives?

4 Best Ad Network With Instant Approval

Adsterra Payment Method

You can fund your account using the following payment methods: Wire transfer, QIWI, Paxum, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, YandexMoney, UnionPay, Visa or Mastercard. The minimum deposit is $100.

The minimum payout amount is

Paxum, Webmoney = $5

PayPal, and Bitcoin = $100

Wire Transfer = $1000

Payments are processed automatically. No need to make a request.

Visit Adsterra Payment Help Center: https://helpcenter.adsterra.com/publisher/payments/


Let Your Site Generate Maximum Profit for Minimum Effort RevenueHits is the simplest way to convert your digital assets into an income property.

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020
Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog

RevenueHits Ad network is one of the popular CPA Based Networks it is very different compared to other ad networks on this list. You can get Instant approval wherever you signup.

Revenue Depends Upon CPA (Cost Per Action) when any action is performed after clicking any ads then you will get paid in simple words Revenue Hits won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They only pay when a click is turned into action. For example, if advertisers need user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits. One of the best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog

Publishers place the ad code on their blog. When a visitor clicks the ad and gives his/her name and email to the advertiser, the publisher (you) will get paid.

They pay $10-$50 per action
The minimum payout is $50
They pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer
I have seen many publishers making between $10- $100 per day using this ad network.

What payment methods does RevenueHits support?

RevenueHits can pay via Wire, PayPal, or Payoneer. Please make sure your payment details are accurate at all times under Billing information in the Account Info section, during your account setup, or once logged in.

Pros of Revenue Hits:

  1. Very high CPA rates
  2. Good minimum payout when compared to other ad networks like AdSense
  3. Good support
  4. Instant activation (Yess)

Cons of Revenue Hits:

  1. The ad format. They don’t use CPC or CPM methods. They only pay for actions.


This is a good ad network for small publishers because they have no minimum traffic requirements.

PopAds is simply the best paying advertising network specialized in popunders on the Internet. We guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than us! Just register and see for yourself. Prepare to be astonished! one of the best Instant Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog

Quick Approval Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog In 2020
Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website/Blog
What kind of deposit and payment methods does PopAds accept? 

What kind of deposit and payment methods do you accept? We are currently accepting PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfer payments. Credit Card payments are also possible if you’re using PayPal or AlertPay.

Pros of PopAds:

High CPM rates when compared to other networks
No minimum traffic requirements
The minimum payout is $5
Auto money withdrawal

Cons of PopAds:

The only available payment mode is PayPal, Payoneer

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