Elon Musk’s Company SpaceX launch Dinosaur To Space Along With Astronauts

SpaceX launch: Dragon Demo-2 launch To Space Along With Astronauts.

Nasa SpaceX Launch

On May 31 2020

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has become the first private company to launch human beings into orbit, after its Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft — carrying two NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken the images is showing that both astronauts are preparing for the launch into orbit and also made it clear on social media.

The astronauts embarked on a 19-hour voyage to the orbiting International Space Station where they will spend four months before returning home. The mission was originally scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, but was postponed 16 minutes and 53 seconds prior to the launch due to bad weather caused by the Tropical Storm Bertha.

International Space Station

SpaceX launch: Dragon Demo-2 launch To Space Along With Astronauts.
Image Credit: The Indian Express

However, in this clip, most of the people noticed that the astronauts on this historic journey have something else to keep them company – a ‘dinosaur’. To be precise, it’s a sparkly and glittery dinosaur toy.

Two humans going to space is cool but them going with a stuffed animal toy is even cooler – at least that’s what netizens suggest.

Take a look at the video which has now created an online chatter, especially on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for people to speculate the reasons as to why they’re carrying the toy. Here’s one creative mind of Twitter who joked that it’s not a toy but their map:

SpaceX launch: Dragon Demo-2 launch To Space Along With Astronauts.

Falcon 9 – SpaceX Launch

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