Easy Way To Add Captcha Code To WordPress (Contact Form 7)

How to Add Captcha Code To Wordpress Contact Form 7

Really Simple CAPTCHA | WordPress Captcha Plugin for Contact Form 7.

How to Add Captcha Code To WordPress Contact Form 7

If you want to create a CAPTCHA system to avoid spamming on your site.
For example: when the other user contacts you from your website he has to fill the detail and also the captcha code before he clicks on the submit button. The process is quite easy and you don’t need any coding knowledge you just have to install two plugins which are Contact form 7 and Really Simple CAPTCHA.
This process will work with contact form 7 WordPress plugin it is the well-known plugin there are 5 million+ active Installation so If you want to create a contact form for your website then I would definitely recommend you to install this Contact form 7 plugin.

In this tutorial we will be using the Really Simple CAPTCHA WordPress plugin to create a professional captcha system before installing this plugin you must install the contact form 7 WordPress plugin because Really Simple CAPTCHA only works with Contact form 7 plugin.

Contact Form 7 allows you to insert a CAPTCHA into your contact form to prevent bots from submitting forms. Contact Form 7 utilizes Really Simple CAPTCHA as its officially-sanctioned CAPTCHA module, so you will need to install the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin before you use CAPTCHA in your form.

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You can watch the complete video and create a professional Captcha code on your website. 

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Steps To Create A Professional Captcha Code In WordPress.

(1) Open your WordPress Dashboard hover to the plugin section and click Add a new plugin.

(2) Search for the Contact form 7 and Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin and activate it in your website.

(3) Now hover to the contact form 7 – Add a new section.

(4) Give the contact form a title and then You have to edit this code before doing some changes you must select the style of your captcha code how you want to create a Captcha code.

You will get this style just below We have provided the style of how the code will be looking on your website Select any one style and copy the given code.

Checkout The Demo.

View Source Code of the above form:

1) Default
Input this code: [captchac captcha-170]
[captchar captcha-170 4/4]

2) Small size, inverted
Input this code: [captchac captcha-778 size:s fg:#ffffff bg:#000000]
[captchar captcha-778 4/4]

3) Large size, green text
Input this code: [captchac captcha-118 size:l fg:#00ff00 bg:#ffffff]
[captchar captcha-118 4/4]

[submit "Send"]

(5) After you copy the code now Come to your WordPress Contact form 7 – Add New option and come to the bottom of the code where you can see the <label> message </label> HTML code just click on enter and paste the code at the bottom which you have been copied.

Paste the code with the label tag.
For example: <lable> body </label>

(6) Click on save changes

After you complete the above part now you will get the shortcode To get the shortcode click on the contact form – All form option it will show you the form which you have created just below you will see the shortcode just copy and paste it where you want to create a contact form you can use the elementor page builder to design the contact form.

You can create a contact us page and use the shortcode block and paste the shortcode into that block Or else you can use the elementor and customized as per your needs If you’re want to understand in more detail watch complete the video.

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