Easy Way To Accept Online Payments On Your Website In Just A Few Minutes.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How Do I Accept Payments On My Website

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

If you’re going to start your own online selling business and thinking to sell digital products like ebooks, themes, plugins, and many more. Online selling business is one of the best solutions for the new blogger who has just started their own website with the help of WordPress. If you’re working on any of the niches like health, education, news, traveling, etc then also you can easily start your online digital selling business by just simple steps.

It is very difficult to get AdSense approval for the new bloggers because day by day AdSense has been updated their policies so there is fewer chances to get AdSense approval for your site but the online selling business is the best and once solution for the new blogger who can easily generate some income from their website.
I have come today with the best WordPress plugin which can help you to start your own digital product selling business.

Easy digital download.

Easy Digital Downloads – In-Depth Tutorial And Review

If you know about this Plugin than it is good but for those who don’t know, I must say that Easy digital download Plugin is the one and only Plugin that can help you to create a professional digital product selling website in just a few minutes.

How To Use Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin

(1) Easy digital download is a free Plugin you can simply install this Plugin from the Plugin section of your WordPress admin page.

(2) Easy digital download comes with many payment options but after you install this Plugin you will only get the two payment options which are PayPal standard and second is Amazon. If you want to access more payment options just click on the extension option given below and find the right payment method for your site and purchase it just by clicking on that option whichever you would like. Going through many other features that this Plugin can provide you shown in the following points.

(a) You can do email marketing with the help of Mailchimp extension.

(b) Provide various discount codes for your customers

(c) Create your own purchase/invoice receipt whenever any customer purchases any product from your shop he will receive the invoice receipt with all the details given just like the professional website.

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Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateways.

(1) PayPal pro/express 

(2) Stripe payment method

(3) 2checkout payment method

(4) Razorpay payment method

(5) Instamojo payment method

Watch this video carefully and understand the strategy to create a payment system on Easy digital download and understand how to upload any files on your website to watch the full video also don’t forget to subscribe our channel and stay tuned for more interesting videos related to seo, blogging, WordPress Tutorial, backlinks and many more. This video is in Hindi

Step By Step Process to Set Up The Easy Digital Download Plugin.

(1) Activate the EDD (Easy Digital Download Plugin) from the Plugin section. After you have Activated the Plugin Now you can see on the top the download option just click that download-settings option where we can set-up the payment system and some important settings.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

(2) Open your download-settings-General option now you can see the four options which are

(a) Primary Checkout Page (b) Success Page(c) Failed transaction Page (d) Purchase HistoryPage

These are the four options that have been automatically created on your pages section where you don’t have to create this page again and again now swipe down and select your base country and base state now click on the save changes button.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

(3) After completing the above settings now select The General-Currency option it is mentioned on the top. This currency setting will help you to select your country currency but if you’re from India then select the INR Indian Rupees because whenever you’re going to set up the Indian payment system like Razorpay, Instamojo, etc they will ask you to select the INR currency otherwise if you belong to another country you can select the USD payment option for PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

(4) The Next step is to set up the Payment Gateway on your website come to the Payment Gateway option and select any payment method you would like.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

If you want to deal with another payment system than first understand how to get the other payment extension. Now the most important part you have to understand whenever you are creating a payment system on your website and if you’re dealing with any payment method like PayPal, Stripe, 2checkout, Razorpay, and many more you must get those extensions or Plugin to allow this payment method into your website. If you want these payment methods just come to the Download-Extension option and there you can see many more paid extensions where you can use this on your website but the main point that this all extensions are paid and it will cost you more than $40 for a single extension but I will help you to get these all payments extension and many more extensions at the cheapest price compared to the other original costs.

Get all the EDD (Easy Digital Download) Extension and just Less Than $2.

List of 15 EDD (Easy Digital Download) Extension at Just Less Than $2

(1) EDD 2checkout payment gateway
(2) EDD Stripe payment gateway
(3) EDD PayPal pro/express payment gateway
(4) EDD Razorpay payment gateway
(5) EDD add to cart pop-up
(6) EDD all access
(7) EDD checks gateway
(8) EDD discount code downloads generator
(9) Edd Mailchimp
(10) EDD manual purchase
(11) EDD software license
(12) EDD free download
(13) EDD Amazon web series
(14) EDD coupon importer
(15) EDD pdf invoices

All the product will get you the exact same version that listed on an official website but we do not provide support and license key All products are pre-activated for your domain because of this product is under the GPL license

This product is under the GPL license means unlimited domain use:

₹ 149 only/-

Buy Now

(5) After you get these extensions now Upload any extensions you would like and activate. Now the most important part is to get the Live API key, Live secret key if you’re watching the given video then you can easily understand the process to get the PayPal Live API Key, Secret Key. The same process you have to follow with all the payment methods.

How to get the PayPal live API Username, password, and signature.

While dealing with PayPal you must use the PayPal pro/express extension and you must have a PayPal business account so first create a business account and fill your personal details now is the time to get the API username, API password and API Signature this three things we required to set the PayPal payment system.

How to get the PayPal identity tokan Setting up the PayPal standard account

payment Gatway

PayPal standard option

PayPal Standard Set-up.

(a) PayPal email address

(b) PayPal identity token

(c) PayPal Live username, password, signature.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

Paypal identity token set-up.

Log in to a PayPal business account now on the left-hand side click on the settings option and you will be redirected to the profile page now go to the selling tools option and select website preferences just click on the update button

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

There you can see the Auto Rotation option make it ON and paste your website URL just below the Autorotation option and click save changes. Now swipe down and you will see the Payment Data Transfer option make it ON and just copy the identity token given below and paste on the PayPal standard-identity token option.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

PayPal API username, password, signature set-up After you finished setting up the PayPal identity token now come again on the selling tools option and select the API credentials below the website preferences option click on the update button.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

Now just swipe down and select the Manage API credentials option and click on the agree and continue option now you can see your Live API username, password and Signature copy all the API and paste it on your website API section. You can use this API key on the PayPal pro/express extension it will also allow the users to pay with a credit card or with the PayPal account.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

This setup is for the PayPal users who are wishing to use the PayPal checkout on their website. If you want to use another payment system on your websites like Stripe, 2checkout, Razorpay, and many more click on the link given and understand the process of setting up the other
payment method on your website.

(1) Stripe-Setup Documentation

(2) 2Checkout Payment Gateway Setup Instructions

(3) Razorpay Payment Gateway Setup

(6) Coming to the next part which is the Email section in this section you have to write your website name or shop name and at the down part you have to give your email address if you have any business email then you can write in the email address section.
The name of your website or shop will be given on the purchase receipt and with the help of your email address, the purchase receipt will be sent to those customers email who have purchased any digital products from your website.

How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

Purchase Receipt

(7) After you have completed the following points now the time to create a purchase receipt. Come to the Email-purchase receipt section and here you can create a purchase receipt with the help of the given shortcode but if you don’t know how to create a purchase receipt so don’t take any tension I will be providing you with free purchase receipt HTML code so that you can paste this code on your website and you just have to change the heading and paste your
website name.

Download Latest Version Purchase Receipt HTML Code.


Download Old Version Purchase Receipt HTML Code.


How To Accept Online Payments On Your Website.

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