Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches In 2020

How To Find Google AdSense High CPC Keywords List

How To Find High CPC Keywords List.

How To Find Google AdSense High CPC Keywords List

If you’re creating a new blog/website and you don’t know what niche should you choose. There are more than hundreds of niche available and there is much competition on every niche so that many bloggers quit their work because of the low traffic on their website and also they are not aware of the SEO and the most important is how to do keyword research. Before you start a blog related to your topic in which you’re interested.

Points To remember Whenever You Create A New Website. 

(1) Search for a Domain Name that allows the user to Introduced to your niche.

(2) Do more keyword research related to your work. In what topic you were going to perform.

(3) Find High CPC keywords when you write any articles the main highlights are the keywords which will help you to rank your articles on any search engine.

(4) Search for your Competitor’s keywords on how they perform and what strategies they are using to rank their articles.

(5) Choose a Single topic in which your articles is based on don’t use more than 2 topics it will just create confusion to the user coming on your website.


Let’s go in detail and learn about the keyword research
When you think about what is the main purpose of the keywords and how it will help us to rank on Google’s first page. Let’s take an example and understand the strategy: If you are working on any niche and trying your best to write a beautiful article after you have finished writing the content considering your articles are above 2000 words.
Now you have published your content and also you have done submitting your articles in many search engines. But you have not done any of the keyword research on your articles. Since you have not done any keyword research there will be lesser chance to rank your articles on any
search engines because keywords play an important role to find your articles between the users who are generally searching for those keywords. A keyword can help you to generate more traffic.

When you search for any activities on the Google there you can see millions of articles related to your searches this is happening because of the keywords in which those websites have used on their articles to rank. Now you have to understand the importance of the keywords research.
There are many tools available that can help you to find out high CPC keywords for your articles.

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In this article, I can suggest some high CPC keywords list that will increase your traffic and if you’re using any ad networks then it will increase your revenue. I will be providing the list of High CPC keywords that you can use on your articles but make sure if you have just created a new website then I will suggest you go for low competition keywords because Higher the Competition lesser chance to get rank on any search engines.

 Most Expensive Google Keywords

(1) Insurance: $48.41
(2) Hosting: $58.48
(3) loans: $44.28
(4) credit: $36.06
(5) Mortage: 47.12
(6) Donate: $42.02
(7) Trading: 33.19
(8) Gas/Electricity:
(9) Casino: $55.48
(10) Degree: $47.36
(11) Lawyer: $54.86
(12) Asset Management: $49.86
(13) Business Services: $58.64
(14) Cash Services & Payday Loans: $48.18
(15) Cleanup & Restoration Services: $47.61
(16) Medical Coding Services: $46.84

High CPC Keywords List.

 compensation mesothelioma $ 101.01
mesothelioma attorney Houston $174.23
mesothelioma attorney California $ 169.65
mesothelioma compensation $ 126.20
mesothelioma lawyer directory $ 166.10
mesothelioma lawsuit settlements $ 163.17
statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims $ 131.73
lawyers for mesothelioma $ 312.73
car accident lawyer Moreno valley $ 132.99
ft Lauderdale car accident lawyer $ 125.25
auto accident lawyers in Chicago $ 87.28
California motorcycle accident lawyer $ 189.07
a car accident lawyer in phoenix $ 75.21
car accident lawyer Augusta $ 153.84

Doctors CPC keywords

doctor after a car accident $ 47.38
doctors car insurance $ 45.09
car accident doctor Atlanta $ 42.68
business doctoral programs online $ 50.33
best doctoral programs in education $ 61.35
top online doctoral programs in business $ 45.41
educational leadership doctoral programs online $ 72.26

Bitcoin CPC Keywords

bitcoin merchant account $ 20.23
bitcoin mining cloud computing $ 20.72
buy bitcoin Australia $ 10.13
buy stocks with bitcoin $ 10.56
how to invest in bitcoin stock $ 15.00
bitcoin stock chart $ 7.63

Top Paying Insurance Keywords

compare car insurance $ 62.11
auto insurance troy mi $ 52.18
car insurance comparison quote $ 72.30
cars with the cheapest insurance rates $ 24.65
insurance quotes young drivers $ 35.84
best learner driver insurance $ 25.45
automobile club inter-insurance $ 37.46
auto insurance Conroe tx $ 44.67
auto insurance Philadelphia pa $ 36.48
car insurance personal injury $ 36.36

Best Digital Marketing/SEO Adsense Keywords

digital marketing degree Florida $ 33.69
online courses on digital marketing $ 25.07
digital marketing certificate programs online $ 35.77
digital marketing course review $ 23.45
internet marketing classes online $ 31.18
courses on online marketing $31.92
online marketing education $ 43.70
email marketing Wikipedia $ 20.63
digital marketing degree course $ 36.75
digital marketing classes online
$ 28.56
SEO marketing company $ 28.46
search engine optimization articles $ 15.05
types of SEO services $ 15.13
SEO technology $ 10.72
search optimization companies $ 34.46
search engine optimization marketing services $ 20.52

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