Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Sites For SEO In 2019-20

How To Drive Traffic To Our Website With The Help Of Social Networking Sites.


Most of the blogger writes daily articles related to their topic and also they try to publish their articles into different directory sites and also they try to comment, joining forums and doing many more strategies to promote their articles. But I think this is a very old idea which most of people likely to perform when they are not aware of the SEO.

I will share my personal experiences where I also used to work hard to increase my website traffic just simply commenting on the other sites. This was also a great idea but this strategy will not work in the future because In the future there will be lots of competition coming up So where it becomes hard to generate much traffic to our website.

Best Social Media Sites For backlinks.

The most important part is when we create a new website and we think in our mind is where to generate most of the traffic.
If you are a little bit aware of the social media sites Today I will be discussing with you about the social media sites where you can easily generate millions of traffic by following these steps.
Social media is a well-known platform where it will help you to drive traffic to your website fast and also you can easily increase your DA and PA by promoting your articles to the social media site.

How Can We Generate Backlinks Through Social Media? 

These are the 3 Steps that can help you to increase traffic on your site check it out it will also help you to generate quality backlinks. 

(1) Join groups, Create Pages, and also start promoting your articles on Social Networking websites.

For Example: Join Facebook Messenger groups, Create Facebook page, Promote your sites on Instagram, join discussion room, Join the forum, etc.

(2) Create as many pages in different social networking sites and promote daily articles so that people may read your post daily.

(3) Track your Competitors website and search for the backlinks for where your competitors creating the backlinks and start stealing the backlinks by commenting or start the discussion with the people.

The first question that comes to mind where to start and how it can be possible through social media? Yes, it can be possible because millions of people getting attracted to the social media sites many professional bloggers, YouTubers follow the same method to increase their traffic and subscribers easily through social media.
There are many ways to drive traffic from social media which is joining groups, creating pages for your site, promoting your website just like Google ads, etc.





Top 20 Most Popular Social Networking Sites For SEO In 2019-20


Social Networking Websites List

Social Media Sites Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA)
Facebook 96 100
Instagram 93 89
Quora 93 77
LinkedIn 98 84
Pinterest 94 82
Reddit 91 90
Tumblr 88 100
Telegram 88 70
Twitter 94 100
Taringa 92 67
Myspace 95 81
YouTube 100 100
Xing 92 76
Flickr 92 95
Baidu Tieba 89 57 93 70
Meetup 91 77
LiveJournal 93 96
WhatsApp 95 80
StumbleUpon 90 81

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