How to create a festival wishing website for your Blogger

How to Create a wishing website for your Blogger and start earning.

Wishing website

If you are creating a new blog about the wishing site so you are at the right place here I will tell you how to can create a wishing website on your blogspot website.
There will be a 5 topic which I will be telling you about the wishing website.

1) choose a domain name for your blog.

If you are creating a wishing website so choose an interesting domain name that suits your website you can buy the domain name from the Godday, bigrocks or and other websites but I will suggest you to from the these two websites

2) festival wishing page.

After creating a new blog channel than create a new post for your website, but creating a new post about any festival topic which is going on. If you know some HTML, CSS, or any coding so it can be easy for you and make a script for your site you will get a free script on the internet it will help you to make your wishing website look like a professional.

3) link your AdSense account.

If you had created a new account in your blog and you are working on of creating a wishing website so it is very difficult for them to earn money from wishing website. If you already have an Adsense full approval account then you can paste the code on any of the wishing websites.

4) published your wishing website on your social media.

If your festival wishing website is been ready so there is a big responsibility for you to publish your content in every social media so that everyone can see and you can earn money and start creating backlinks by going to every website and comment down so that you will get one backlink for your website.

5) create a unique festival theme.

If there is a festive season is going on and if you are working on festivals which are close to starting making a festival theme before the festive season starts do the work before the 30 days because it took time in the SEO to rank your website.

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