How Can I Get Free Traffic To My Website?

How can I get free traffic to my website?

How can I get free traffic to my website?
Backlinks in SEO

How To Write Blogger Articles And How To Rank Our Articles.

If you are a blogger and you are posting daily articles in your website but you don’t get any of the traffic in your site still your are posting daily content Then you are wasting your time the reason is that you are just creating a new and good post but after posting the article there will be the important part you should have to do I will be telling you the best method to rank your website in 24 hrs. While writing the content make sure you do a correct SEO in your article

Get traffic to your website free

1) Create a link on your site which will help you to get more do follow backlinks.

2) Don’t forget to write a Heading and subheading on the top of every paragraph.

3) Write search description for your post which you are creating, if you don’t know how to write keyword on your search description, then I have a solution for those who don’t know how to write search description. If you are working on some good topics then you can search for that topic on Google page which you are working, after searching the topic on Google page the new page will get open there will be more than 9-10 content provided to you about your related topic. So you can choose other keywords for your content topic otherwise swipe down, at last, there will be more than 7-8 keywords available that you can create your heading and subheading or the search description. Check out the image which I provided below.

4) Don’t use copyright images or content because it will not help you to rank high use your own words and you can download images from the internet and do some customization on the images which you are using.

5) The important part you should have to do after posting the article and following all the rules which I had discussed in the above section.
The most important thing is to create do-follow backlinks for your website. If you don’t know how to create good quality backlinks free so check out my SEO Related articles to know more information which is How to Create Quality backlinks and what are the types to create good quality backlinks for free.

6)Commenting on other blog posts is also a great way to get Backlink. Keep in mind that the blog supportsDo-Follow Links. Do-Follow Links means those links that benefit us from backlinks. Not all blogs support Do-Follow Links, and therefore we do not get any Referral from the comments made on them. So, we should comment more on Do-Follow Blogs. Leave only a small comment, the comment will also benefit if you make some value addition.

7) Backlinks “is the most used word in search engine optimization. Many bloggers, who have just started a new blog or website, have difficulty understanding what “backlinks” means follow this step and you can easily create quality backlinks.

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